Our Mission

The Stop Spewing Carbon campaign is a grassroots effort to stop taxpayer subsidies being used for polluting, forest-burning biomass power incinerators in Massachusetts.

We continue to pressure the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to stop wasting your “clean energy” taxpayer & ratepayer dollars on inefficient, carbon dioxide-spewing, biomass power incinerators.

The Problem

Right now in Massachusetts, developers are proposing five new biomass incinerators that would produce only 1% more electricity, but would…

    The Solution

    End all renewable energy credits, tax credits, and cash grants to forest or garbage fueled power plants that burn dirty.  Work now to end public funding for polluting incinerators disguised as “clean” energy.

    Demand that your tax dollars go to efficiency & conservation measures, as well as appropriately-sited and scaled, zero-waste and zero-emission renewable energy sources like solar, wind, small hydroelectric (no new dams), small geothermal, and wave/tidal.


    American Power Act: Request to Eliminate Incentives for Biomass Incinerators →  (PDF)
    Read House Bill 4458 →  (PDF)
    MA Forest Watch: Wood-fueled Biomass Power Plants & CO2 Emissions →  (PDF)
    Biomass Wood Supply: Myth & Reality →  (PDF)